What is Aries Visual Project (AVP) ?

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What is Aries Visual Project (AVP) ?

Post by Macintosh on Sat Oct 01, 2016 4:29 pm

Aries Visual Project (AVP for short) as suggested is a visual WZ edit project for the AriesMS community.
The objective is to make awesome looking maps, equips and also to make things easier for the players like item drop indications, easier to see NPC's, NPC description/names and just a overall better feel!

The whole project is visual, that means there are no physical advantages.
Nothing is and will ever be modified to re-create any sort of WZ edit "cheat" and thus you will never get banned for using this privately.

The WZ edits will be easily downloadable with a patcher, so the files will not be as large as downloading a full .wz

At the moment the project is in its very early stages, you can see previews and the update logs in the announcement section and I am very aware of all the issues in the previews. Everything will be fixed in the future.

As of now this project is not released to public, why ? Because there is definitely not enough changes in my opinion for a release yet. Once I feel the project is ready, a release will be readily available to the public. At the time it is, I will most likely stream the project on twitch to demonstrate first hand how everything looks.

Update :

This is a extract from the TOS

5. WZ Edits
Any form of WZ editing is forbidden which includes cosmetic edits. Any edits made to your wizet (.wz) files will result in your account being blocked from the game. Be cautious, if you download an edited wizet (.wz) file, and you are auto banned for .wz editing, your ban will remain. This includes if you played another server that uses edited .wz files.

As much as that sounds ridiculous it is to be taken seriously, hence I suggest not using these edits publicly as in recording or streaming the game with these edits.

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